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Johnny Stallings Recreation Program

The Johnny Stallings Recreation Program serves individuals with disabilities and their school age siblings as an afterschool program designed to provide socialization and enrichment. The program runs from 2:00-6:00 PM on days when school is in session, and from 7:30AM-6:00 PM on days when school is out.

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Medical Outreach Program

When a child is born with or diagnosed with a disability, parents and loved ones often have many questions. The Medical Outreach Program aims to provide resources to those families in these moments. It provides comfort and information in a moment that can often be unexpected and scary. It also introduces potential new members to the organization, so that they may use our resources and other programs to help improve the lives of each member of the family. 


The REACH Center holds workshops several times a year that cover a variety of topics relating to various aspects of the lives of individuals with disabilities. These include parenting workshops, workshops about guardianship, and even workshops about potty training children with disabilities.  


Support Group Meetings

The Reach Center holds monthly support group meetings for the family members of individuals with disabilities.

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